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About Us

Keith and Paula Perry began serving lunch to locals and tourists alike on December 26th in 1985. With great flavors and great success, they added breakfast to the menu in early summer of 2000. Very much a Ketchum, Idaho fixture for over 30 years, Perry's Restaurant is located on the corner of 4th Street and 1st Avenue just east of the Ketchum Post Office.

Perry's presents a warm and welcoming atmosphere doused in Ketchum casual. Whether enjoying one of their signature Egg's Benedicts or an Artisan Sandwich, customers are treated as extended family. Serving wholesome, fresh food at excellent prices. Perry's is open daily until 5pm. Perry's is both kid and wi-fi friendly, offers house accounts, a school lunch program, uses local providers whenever possible and gladly accepts Visa and Master Card. And, of course, all menu items are available for take-out and catering. Keith and Paula invite you to come see what makes Perry's Restaurant in Ketchum, Idaho feel like home.

Customer Appreciation:

 "The convenient Excursion Wraps (custom omelets tucked inside tomato or spinach tortillas) fly out the door on powder mornings at this local favorite. Otherwise, snag a booth for potato and bacon scrambles, eggs Benedict with turkey and avocado or homemade biscuits and gravy."

- SKI Magazine


My name is Allie Mendelsohn and I have been spending summers in the Wood River Valley for the last 23 years. I have been meaning to contact you for almost that long! Last week as a last-blast, end of summer hike Chrissy Johnsson, Leslie Fairbrother and I decided to hike to Pioneer Cabin. It's a gorgeous hike as I'm sure you know, but also long. So we called in take out orders for lunch from Perry's.

As usual, the service was friendly and professional and the food was good. But it's the cookies I am writing about. They were beyond good. They were sublime, outstanding other-wordily and awesome in the true sense of that word.

We got six of the smallish cookies that tasted of orange, coconut and possibly ground nuts. I'm sorry I don't remember what you call them, but I've had them there before so I'm guessing you know which ones I mean.

I am writing not just to compliment you on a wonderful restaurant that keeps it's quality and small-town feel up year after year, but also to beg and plead for a copy of the cookies recipe. I only want it for my own (and my children's) joy. I know that even if I follow your recipe to the letter chances are it won't be quite the same, but it would be a start. And I just don't see how I can go until next June without any of those cookies. They were the essence of healthy goodness and being in Ketchum with a view of majestic granite mountains. Take pity on me in humid, North Carolina pining for my summers in Idaho! :)

Sincerely, Allie Mendelsohn

"The greatest baked potato ever!" - Luc McCann