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Catering Baskets

All baskets are served in attractive wicker baskets.

Sandwich Basket7.25

A variety of our delicious quartered sandwiches, such as Albacore Tuna, Hawaiian Chicken Salad, Roast Beef, Turkey, Veggie, Ham, or Egg Salad on our fresh baked bread (marbled rye, pumpernickel, sourdough, or natural grain)
per person.
20 quarters (serves 10) - $72.50

Fresh Veggie Basket4.25

Beautifully arranged display of fresh vegetables with dip. Selection includes celery, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, asparagus, mushrooms, radishes, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and sweet bell peppers (dependent on seasonal availability).
per person.
Minimum serves 10 - $42.50

Combination cold Luncheon Basket13.00

(We can individualize this to meet your needs) Includes generous half sandwich, quarter pound fruit, quarter pound pasta, and 2 cookies.
per person

Breakfast Wrap Basket7.00

variety of egg wraps in your choice of tortillas with salsa and/or sour cream.
per person

Fresh Fruit Basket5.75

Colorful seasonal fruits attractively arranged, including melon, pineapple, kiwi, strawberries, and grapes (selection depends on availability)
per person.
Minimum serves 10 - $57.50

Combination Hot Luncheon Basket8.75

Your choice of soup or chili, bread rolls, and cookies. Price varies depending on soup chosen.
per person.
Add Caesar Salad - $13.50 per person Minimum serves 12 (1gallon)

Quiche Luncheon Basket56.00

Made to order with your favorite ingredients, with fruit salad and cookies. Minimum serves (6-8).
plus deposit.

Bag Lunches For 1 to 300

All items on our regular menu can be packaged to go. Fishing trips, river trips, bus excursions, conventions, and plane flights are just a few of the events we have catered.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Half Cold Sandwich, Chips and 2 Cookies9.75

per person

2. Half Cold Sandwich, Apple and 2 Cookies11.25

per person

3. Silver Creek Lunch Half Cold Sandwich, Small Fruit, Chips and 2 Cookies13.75

per person


Ask to see a detailed list

Dinner & Caesar4.75

per serving

Potato & Coleslaw6.00

per pound


per pound


per pound

Special Salads10.00

per pound (1 pound serves 3-4)


They taste even better than they smell. All baked goods are created with real butter from heritage recipes. Please see our selection and call-ahead for large orders. Full loaves of our fresh baked breads are available to-go!

Ask to see a detailed list of cakes, cheesecakes, pies, sweetbreads, etc.


per dozen


per dozen

Muffins & Croissants18.00

per ½ dozen

Mini Muffins10.00

for 12 (dozen minimum)
$33.00 per dozen

Rolls & Breadsticks15.00

per dozen


per dozen

Loaf of Today's Bread5.50


*A $5.00 deposit is added to glass orders & refunded when the plate is returned

Deep Dish Apple

9-inch Tin $23.00 | 10-inch Glass $28.00


9-inch Tin $23.00 | 10-inch Glass $28.00

Triple Berry

9-inch Tin $23.00 | 10-inch Glass $28.00

Pumpkin Praline

9-inch Tin $23.00 | 10-inch Glass $28.00


9-inch Tin $23.00 | 10-inch Glass $28.00

Chocolate Pecan

9-inch Tin $23.00 | 10-inch Glass $28.00

Hot Items


per gallon

Chili & Seafood Chowder42.00

per gallon (1 gallon serves 10-12)

Soup Concentrate20.00

per gallon (gallon serves 10-12)


each (serves 6-8) inch glass

Breakfast Wraps7.00



Fresh Squeezed Of7.00

per quart

Iced Tea10.00

per gallon


per gallon (gallon serves 10-12)


per pump pot (pump pot serves 10-12)

Hot Chocolate12.00

per pump pot


per pump pot

Hot Water5.00

per pump pot (pump pot serves 6-8)

All prices include sales tax. Gratuity not included. Large order or specialty items require adequate notice