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School Lunch Program

Aren’t your school mornings hectic enough? Let Perry’s Restaurant make a difference in how you start your day. Take advantage of Perry’s School Lunch Program. Located in Ketchum, Idaho, Perry’s will deliver a fresh, wholesome lunch to your child’s school daily. Your child will enjoy a delicious Perry’s lunch while you enjoy the bonus  of eliminating the stress of shopping for and preparing lunch every day. 

Here are two options for Perry’s School Lunch Program:

     1)  School Lunch Plan A: By far the preferred plan by busy parents! Simply open a Perry’s House Account for your family. Your House Account will be billed monthly and include a statement listing the month’s charges. You can pay automatically with a credit card on file, or simply pay online through PayPal. If you prefer, you can send a check by snail mail, or visit us in person at the restaurant. Click HERE to download our Perry’s House Account Application.  Simply email the completed form to or call us at 208-726-7703 for more details.


     2)  School Lunch Plan B: With your permission, Perry’s can encrypt and keep your credit card on file within our cash register system for each child’s account.  By doing so, your credit card will be safely and securely stored and billed for each transaction. Click HERE to download Perry’s Billing Authorization Form. Simply email the completed form to  or call us at 208-726-7703 for more details.

Because of the quantity of lunches and time constraints to prepare, please call Perry’s Restaurant no later than 10:30 am to place orders for Lunch Deliver on any given school day. Our complete Perry’s menu is available for school lunch delivery. In addition, we have created a special children’s menu for both breakfast and lunch. Click HERE to see OUR MENUS. Thank you for choosing Perry’s Restaurant for your child’s lunch. We look forward to helping you start your day well and to serving your child healthy and wholesome food.